Sunday, April 22, 2012

Feels like fish and chips by the seaside

With all these new places that have opened in Sai Kung, I had to resist getting Crepes at Crepe Francais, Japanese hotdogs at Juicy J's and my favourite roast chicken at Smart King!!!

I came here just for the fish and chips and to see if I could get any memories of Camden Town back.

When I got there, it reminded of seaside towns such as Brighton and Eastbourne at the seafront, especially the popcorn machine.

Inside the shop, it looked more like a fish and chip shop with fryers and the glass cabinet.
However it did not have that familiar fish and chip shop feeling like the Chippy.
It felt nothing like Camden town, the only Camden town familarity I could find was the photos on the side of the wall, and the Camden Town tube station sign.
That was the only element of London I felt in there.
Anyway, the brilliant thing was that they forked out on British magazines and they were the lastest issues, so I wouldnt mind going there often to eat something and read the magazines.
The menu however was quite limited, the only two things that were British was the fish and chips, cumberland sausage and chips.
The rest were quite Chinesey such as chicken wings Chinese style which are plain chicken wings that are dunked in the oil and fried.
Judging by the previous pictures, the hamburger looks Chinese as well.
It would be great if they imported some pies such as chicken pies or beef and onion pies.
I wanted to order the grilled squids but it didnt quite match my fish and chips.

In the end I just got fish and chips with mushy peas and a chocolate milkshake.
I had no expectations for the mushy peas because the previous comment mentioned that they were rather watery and they were indeed watery as if they were diluted to make more portions out of it.
From the picture it looks like soup with some mushy peas in the centre.
The chips were ok, but perhaps a little overdone.
It was good they had Sarson's vinegar but it lacked a vinegary taste and there was only a slight bitter taste to it.
The batter on the fish was great, it was thin and crispy, the texture of the fish was too soft but it was nice and moist.
However the fish may have been in starch for too long that it had no texture, it just melted in my mouth.
Finally the chocolate drink was too sweet.
But overall, it is nice dining there and it feels like eating fish and chips at the British seaside.
This shop is owned by the locals and there was a girl from the local Sai Kung school there most probably the daughter of the owners.

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