Saturday, April 07, 2012

Parma ham and Roast pork @ Maur's Kitchen

Came here especially to try the parma ham and Roast pork because it was sold out on my first visit.

Parma Ham:
It just tastes how you would expect it, slightly chewy and waxy with some smokey saltiness.
Usually it is served as a starter with melon but it was interesting having it with Chinese noodles and as a luxury gimmick as well which matches their other items such as abalone and chinese wine egg.
Roast Pork:
The chef Maureen was really nice and gave me two different cuts, one was the belly part and the other was the lean part.
It was different from the Chinese roast pork which is dry, this one was lovely and moist with lots of juice but not quite gravy.
Although there was no red beancurd in the pork, I could taste it slightly.
The roast pork was amazingly soft and juicy and it reminded me of the roast pork that was served at CANTOPOP cooked by the Sous vide method.
Last time I forgot to take pictures of the noodles so here are the pictures from this visit.
There were snow pea sprouts which were more elegant than the usual Chinese greens they put with the noodles.
The julienne potatoes tasted much better than my first visit because they were not so oily.
The noodles were better this time as well because they were not clumped together.
As they are always experimenting with different types of noodles to match their broth, there are some noodles which I would love to try with this broth such as Angel pasta, instant noodles, spinach noodles and new bamboo vermicelli.

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