Sunday, April 22, 2012

McCafe's new Pandan and Red bean cake

I was really looking forward to this because I love Pandan.

It was an interesting cake to be offered by McCafe because usually the cakes are chocolate, cookies, hazelnuts and berries so this was quite different from their usual range.

I bought this cake with the Himalayan tea, which I have already written about earlier, but the Pandan cake is a new item introduced on 19th April 2012.
A la Carte the cake costs $25 but with the tea, it costs $16. The pandan and red beans in the cake were a strange combination! I am also quite biased because I do not like red beans. Usually pandan is paired with coconut.

Anyway, I found the cake extremely sweet because after finishing the cake, the Himalayan tea was tasteless, so you can imagine how sweet the cake was if the tea tasted not sweet at all.

The cake tasted like those Chinese coconut and red bean puddings and the pandan taste was so faint I couldn’t taste it.
Perhaps the red beans and coconut taste was too strong that I could not taste any pandan.
Without the red beans the cake would have been nice, because I didn’t like the starchy sugary red beans! The cake had biscuit base, layered with pandan sponge cake and cream.
On the top it was dusted with cake crumbs.
It would be great if one day McDs came up with a pie filled with Kaya or Pandan

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