Monday, December 09, 2013

2/3 Dolci at Festival Walk

2/3 Dolci (Kowloon Tong)

2/3 Dolci opened their first branch this year in Wan Chai during the summer and now they have a second branch at Festival walk within six months.

The Festival walk branch is much bigger with a lovely seating area and City University across the road, which is bound to be a popular with uni students.
I can't wait to see a third branch soon hopefully at Hysan place!

As Christmas is coming, I tried their new cakes and had a preview of their Christmas series.
Mjqueen7e went before me and managed to try four cakes and 3 scoops of icecream in one tasting which indicates the cakes are good and not too sweet.
Normally when I have tastings, I have to share cakes because they get too sweet, but at Dolci I also had four cakes easily because they were not too sweet!!
83% cupola - 83% Chocolate Dome

Dark chocolate lovers will love this because the chocolate is STRONG with light chocolate mousse in the middle!
Before I ate the cake, I assumed the cake base would be hard but it was soft which went nicely with the mousse.
Yule Log

Christmas yule log made with chocolate and Grand Marnier with cute macaron mushroom decorations.
Guaiava: 8 layer guava cake (xmas version)

The Christmas version of the popular Guaiava cake!
torta Bailey's - Bailey's Cake
For this cake, there were two versions, a sliced version and a whole cake version.
Personally I liked the sliced one because it looked visually stunning just like the NOCCIOLA with a super mini macaron.

The mini profiteroles are to die for because they have cream inside the dinky profiteroles!!!
They were delicious with a burst of cream and hint of saltiness because they were made with a dash of salt.

Although it had Bailey's, the cake was light without being too strong.
I had the profiteroles last because they were too cute.
genmaicha roll

Previously they did not sell them in slices for the roll cakes, but they do and they have Genmaicha, yuzu and earl grey.
The roll was made with egg white and it was soft, moist, springy chiffon texture paired with whipped genmaicha cream which you could actually taste grounded genmaicha rice in it.
festa del cioccolato

When I saw this, I thought it was a solid dense cake but inside it is soft.

It tasted mainly of cocoa balanced by the pieces of raspberry candy on top.
Overall it was nice but it lacked something in the middle such as raspberry jam or something simple.
Gingerbread gelato (top) and Hazelnut gelato:

Both of the icecreams were nice especially the Hazelnut which just tasted of pure hazelnut just like the NOCCIOLA cake.
The gingerbread was just the flavour for Christmas with tones of ginger and a doughy taste.
They change their gelato flavours often so I am really looking forward to trying:
Blue Cheese with honey, Lychee, Fig, Egg Nog, Champagne, Basil and Sage.

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