Friday, December 20, 2013

Great noodles, cheap and delicious on Ping Chau Island

Sun Kee Noodle (Ping Chau)

Randomly went to Peng Chau because I have not been to there before.

I did not even bother to search OpenRice because there are not many places to eat on this Island.

This noodle joint near the beginning of Wing On Road caught my attention because it had photographs and the other places did not.

The noodles looked reasonable and for a small noodle joint on an unpopular Island to put effort into doing these high quality pictures, it seemed a possible place to eat.

After looking around, this place seemed the best choice to choose.

Inside the joint, it was quite old and shabby, but sometimes you can get delicious surprises from these places, so you just can't judge by the joint decor itself.

The menu was simple, there were only two types of noodles, one in soup and one in sauce.
The soup ones only cost around $20 and the ones tossed in sauce cost around $2X.

Noodles with cows stomach:

I really regretted not getting the combo because it only costs $6 more and the cows stomach was really delicious so I would have expected the porks trotters to taste good too if I chose that as well!
The noodles were soft and did not have any ammonia taste and the sauce from the cows stomach hung well to it because it was thick and sticky.
The cows stomach was soft and fully flavoured with lots of sauce which had five spice powder and aniseed.
The soup that came with it tasted like the typical wonton soup except that it was clear and loaded with crisp spring onions.
Chili oil:

Porks blood with chives:

This was not really what I was expecting because it was literally cubes of porks blood on top of blanched chives with oyster sauce.
I did not really like it because I don't like sweet oyster sauce therefore making the porks blood taste sweet.
After reading the previous reviews, it seems that they grow their own chives.

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