Friday, December 27, 2013

One Stop tasting

One Stop Ristorante & Bar (Western District)

Thanks to ONE STOP for holding a tasting for WAGYU Door To Door, otherwise I would not been able to try their dishes.

Sai Ying Pun is quite out of bounds for most people but luckily we got the taxi there.

Tomato soup:

Lovely and refreshing, some said it was too acidic but I loved it like that.
Tomino cheese:

This was a soft cheese and I loved it! It tastes like melted super soft cheddar and similar to Bechamel cheese.
I was really lucky because Mjqueen7e gave her piece to me as well
Fresh mussel:

Lovely fresh mussels that were soft and tasty.
Truffle risotto:

The risotto was flavoured nicely with black truffle but I found it too creamy for my liking.

The highlight of the dishes at ONE STOP had to be the cheese!
If it wasn't too far, I would come back for it ASAP!

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