Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fish and Meat in a land of plenty

Came here previously to the opening party and already felt like a goddess because everyone was given flower headbands!

The interior of Fish and Meat reminded me of the Blue Butcher and it turns out they are managed by the same group.

Most of the decor and fixtures are homemade and rustic.

Farm house jam

Ice fox vodka, homemsde blueberry thyme jam, prosecco.
Although I do not drink alchohol, the Farm house jam was really nice and they also do a non alcoholic version too which I shall order next time.
The mixture of blueberry and thyme resulted in a lovely fruity flavour.
Crispy whitebait, charred lemon, aioli

The whitebait was crispy and light, a fun way of starting your appetite by munching these fried fishes in light flour coating.
Sea urchin bruschetta, lardo di colonnata, rosemary

The sea urchin was silky and smooth, and the lardo di colonnata was nano thin that it was almost transparent on top of the urchin.
Fresh Tagliatelle, chicken and truffle emulsion, crispy skin (freshly made)

I liked the fried chicken skin on top because it was delicious!
The tagliatelle beneath was rich and creamy with a strong truffle taste.
Hand ground dutch veal and pork meatballs, Fontina, pepperoni sauce

The dutch veal meatballs were really soft and sticky complemented by the rich pepperoni sauce.
Roasted bone marrow crostini, lemon zest, garlic, parsley

The bone marrow was easy to eat because it has been taken out of the bone and cut into slices and put on the crostini.
At first they look like scallops!
Panfried baby Spanish octopus, white bean puree, garlic, parsley, chili, Sicilian lemon

Previously tried this at the party so I was glad to see it again because it had hints of lemon with a spicy kick.
Roasted french turbot, carrot puree, brown shrimp, smoked prawn butter

The fish was interesting because it had a super light crispy coating but the fish was tender and succulent.
It was surrounded by cute little shrimps.
Daviola style French free range yellow chicken, caramelized onion, jus

Tender chicken paired with sweet caramelized onions and stuffing.
Australian kobe 32oz prime beef rib, bearnaise, salsa verde

The beef was juicy and meaty.
Sweetcorn polenta

The sweetcorn polenta was really creamy with lots of sweetcorn pieces in it.
Roasted Tuscan potatoes, garlic, rosemary, seasalt

I love potatoes so I just adored these cute tiny potatoes with deliciously crisp skin on the outside and soft inside seasoned with seasalt and rosemary.
Dark chocolate fondant / salted caramel / homemade Tahitian vanilla ice cream

The Fish and Meat chocolate fondant is a memorable one.
It had salted caramel which made it unique and enhanced the taste!
Whipped mascarpone “cheesecake” / raspberry / shortbread crumble

I loved the cheesecake because it was deconstructed, it was foamy and light which is the opposite of a heavy cheesecake complemented by the delicious tart berry sorbet.
Sicilian lemon tart / country clotted cream

This tart was nice and refreshing paired by delicious clotted jam.

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