Saturday, December 28, 2013

A very filling lunch at Uptown 90 (Wan Chai)

Uptown 90 (Wan Chai)
I have always wanted to try this because the name Uptown 90 sounded American.
Uptown means neighborhoods or regions in several cities.

When I went there, I discovered it was a Chinese pub serving Chinese style western dishes!
The mains costs around $6X-$7X including a starter and dessert buffet bound to make you feel full afterwards.

The food is average, but picking bits here and there from the buffet bar and eating some of the mains will fill you up!
Buffet bar items:

The restaurant is EXTREMELY noisy so don't bother with this place if you prefer a quiet place for a gathering.


Clearly some Chinese fusion with a mix of meat in tomato sauce.
I only had the rice with sauce which tasted ok.

The bread with cheese was just mozzarella cheese melted on top with some diced peppers.
It had been toasted for quite some time because it was quite HARD!

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