Monday, December 09, 2013

Fancy sushi rolls to go from Sugo Sushi

Sugo Sushi (Central)

To be honest sushi is everywhere, and it is usually the same old combination of salmon and tuna.
At Sugo Sushi, the shop, decor and presentation is fun and modern.

Two bright glass cabinets with sushi to choose from.

Drinks counter offering a wide range of drinks.

So far my favourite place for sushi rolls with a bit of fusion would be Sugo, Beautifood and School food.
K-Roll is getting there, but I am not a fan of spicy Korean ingredients although they do have a tuna roll which is not spicy.
I chose this place instead of K-Roll because there were so many different rolls and each one can be seen in the cabinet displayed just like cakes!

At Sugo, all their rolls have cute American names and each one is so tempting because there were different styles eg Californian, Mexican, Japanese, Korean etc.

The prices of these rolls are quite reasonable and filling ranging from $22-$26 and the size of these rolls are quite big too.

For the drinks, they had my favourite Dry soda range:

Here was what I had:
Rhubarb dry soda:

The rhubarb soda was really light and refreshing, it was tart and I liked the way it was clear too which meant no colouring was used.
All the rolls were tempting but I chose NO WAY JOSE because it had taco ingredients in a sushi roll which were Mexican beef, taco sauce, sour cream, cheddar cheese and lettuce!
It was really nice of them to slice the huge roll for me.

As you can see, the cheese, beef, lettuce and sauce were neatly tucked in the centre.
After it was sliced, the roll held together nicely unlike other places.

The roll was really tasty because of the spicy beef and cheese and it was like having chili con carne in sushi form.

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