Thursday, December 19, 2013

Celebrate CNY Horse year with Tsui Hang Village

Thanks to Tsui Hang Village and Cuisine Cuisine's representative for sending me Turnip pudding and CNY dessert pudding.
At Cuisine Cuisine, they have a deluxe Turnip pudding with parma ham while Tsui Hang Village has Sweet Osmanthus Pudding topped with Premium Bird’s Nest and the Honey ginger pudding to offer.

All are boxed in festive red boxes, contained in a plastic tub.
Cuisine Cuisine's Turnip Pudding with Parma Ham
I like the way the parma ham and Chinese ham shreds were in a separate tub.
The Chinese radish pudding was really nice and packed with lots of preserved sausages.
Tsui Hang Village's Honey Ginger Pudding
The pudding had the typical CNY pudding sticky and chewy texture with a fragrant honey and strong ginger taste.

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