Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Not a Beary Christmas :(

Pacific Coffee Company (Wan Chai)

Saw the new poster for the new Beary Christmas drinks.
The Crema scura black forest mocha was really cute because the poster showed a cute latte art animal of a polar bear.

Honestly it's too good to be true that PC could do latte art.
It's just the same if McDonald's had a poster serving Wagyu or Foie Gras burgers!
Crema scura black forest mocha:

I know photos are only there for illustration purposes but I was just expecting a poor attempt at the polar bar but not NONE!!!

They should learn how to do animal latte art from Allegretto in TST or don't bother putting up a poster like that if they can't do it.

I specifically dined there so that the mocha would be in a ceramic cup and not a paper cup because the lid would just demolish the polar bear.

When it came, there was no bear at all which was disappointing.
I asked why it was in a paper cup and he just said that the polar bear is for illustration purposes and they do not do them .
The taste was just mocha with blackcurrant syrup!
Thanks for the lovely shxt start to Christmas!

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