Friday, December 27, 2013

Noodles here day and night, summer and winter

Leaf Dessert (Central)

This noodle joint is famous for desserts but their noodles are quite good too.

It is located on the corner of Elgin Street which is really STEEP, the tables and stools are on the uneven steep part of the pavement where it feels like you are going to slide off the seat and the bowls are going to slide off the table!

As this place is al fresco, winter is the perfect time to try this place because there is no sun and the blazing hot humidity.

I tried it in the evening and tried it in the daytime.

In the evening, the broths taste better because it is stronger and more concentrated after being in the pot all day.

When you order, the woman does not verbally confirm you and walks off, so you are left guessing if she got your order or not!
But a few minutes later, she does turn up with your food.

Simple menu with ENGLISH as well and the prices are quite cheap!

Noodles with beef (night):

I was quite impressed by the noodles because they were soft and hot, there was no alkaline taste to it either.
For $2X I was surprised there was so much beef in it and it was soft and fully flavoured with some stickyness because of the membrane near the meat.
Noodles with beef (day):

The noodles and beef tasted good but the broth and taste was not as strong as the taste in the evening and the beef was not soft enough.
In the daytime, the beef is chunkier, but as the day progresses, the beef breaks up into smaller pieces and becomes softer, so in the evening, you get smaller soft chunks of tastier beef.
So dine in the evening if you are after the beef!
Noodles with beef balls:

These beef balls were big and really nice because they were springy with lots of black pepper in it.
A good alternative to "gung yuen" because I hate those weird tasting pork balls.

Not really a fan of dessert but tried it for the sake of trying it.
The glutinous flour balls were quite sticky and chewy complemented by the fragrant dessicated coconut and sesame seeds.
After a few, they got a bit sickly.
As a summary I prefer dining here in the evening because it is quieter and there are less people.
For desserts, they have lots of sweet soups but I have never liked them especially red bean soup.

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