Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sea urchin mania at Zushi ANA

Zushi ANA (Causeway Bay)

Thanks to Isaac for inviting me to this tasting!
Never in my life have I had so much sea urchin in one meal.

First started off with sea urchin maki, the sea urchin was flavourful and just like runny egg yolk which did not need any soy sauce.

Then I had fresh sea urchin so I was able to taste how sweet it was.
The abalone was quite nice as well.

Next the fried urchin wrapped in seaweed coated with tempura batter was divine and bursting with hot liquid urchin inside.

Then there was fresh tempura crab with sea urchin on top!
It was amazing that so many items could be paired with sea urchin.

Last but not least there was deep fried tempura scallop, perilla leaves and urchin.
Surprisingly you could taste the perilla leaves as well.

Then there was seafood and tofu pot which had a sweet tasting broth crammed with lots of tofu and seafood.

The rice in green tea broth was interesting and different to the ones I have had before.
I could really taste the green tea here.

As for the grilled ox tongues, the cubes were big and meaty.

For dessert, we had pan fried Japanese mochi topped with peanut butter sauce and sugar.
I have not tried this before so the texture was quite sticky and chewy.

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