Sunday, December 01, 2013

Creative food jamming with Jam

let's Jam (Sai Kung)

Previously tried to dine here but the owner was ill so it was closed that day.

Came here a few weeks later when the weather was lovely and cool.

As expected, the place stood out because the decor was nice.
It was sort of vintage English but also American.

Something that you would expect in a little town.

Lovely rustic picnic hamper

Stylish sink and mirror

Cute pastel straws that are made of paper and not plastic

The name let's Jam reminded me of the recent trend of art jamming and music jamming but they are actually called that because they produce many homemade jams.

For every dish, it is paired with a choice of jam, even their beef burgers have jam in it to balance the beefy taste.

Here was what I ordered:
Double cheese omelette:

The omelette was surprisingly fluffy with delicious cheese inside, there were two different cheeses inside, I think one was mozzarella and the other was cheddar.
Also on the plate were some delicious earthy mushrooms and some bacon, but the bacon was different to the ones I usually have because it was harder and had a smokier taste.
The thickness of the toast was thick!!!
It was great with the jam which I had last because it was sweet.

Apple and rose jam:

I wanted to try apple and cinnamon jam but it was sold out so tried the apple and rose. Luckily the rose was not that strong so it was quite nice and not too sweet with a tangy apple flavour.
Pear in red wine jam:

The pear jam was sweeter than the apple.
cheesecake with blueberry jam:

Had the cheesecake as well because the jam made me hungrier.
It was a Japanese style soft and moist cheesecake with a light texture.
apple and rose soda:

The soda was really nice and it was nice having a cold drink on a cold day.
Again, the rose flavouring was not that prominent which was great because I don't like rose.
It was great drinking from the vintage paper straw.
Overall, the food here is affordable but it takes a while for the food to come.
Their plates are really cute because they have cute fancy cut outs.

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