Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Delicious pumpkin rice

Daily Fresh Soybean Milk (Sheung Wan)

This is a fast food joint for Chinese food and ever since I saw Pumpkin rice on the menu I was really curious how it would turn out~!
Initially I thought it was literally going to be plain rice with pumpkin pieces mixed into it.
Anyway, decided to try it and and while I was queueing I saw Vermicelli with black pepper sauce or tomato sauce which was also interesting!

I got the vermicelli with tomato sauce as well because I just wanted to know if it was tomato ketchup or tomato sauce plonked on top of the noodles and it was pretty cheap for $16.

Anyway, I only tried the vegetarian items and both were cheap!
The rice was only $23!

There is another branch somewhere in Central and according to the reviews there are some interesting Chinese pancakes.

Tomato sauce vermicelli:

It was surprisingly quite nice, it was their plain vermicelli base with tomato and egg on top.
The sauce was simple and nutritious because it had egg and real tomato in it which enhanced the vermicelli and made it more appetizing.
Pumpkin rice:
When I opened the box, the pieces of pumpkin were evidently big! They were as big as the box, the rice had other vegetables mixed in it too.
Perhaps they should call it vegetable and pumpkin rice instead.

I loved the rice because I love flavoured rice. It was similar to eating the flavoured rice beneath spare ribs.
The rice was just addictive because it was lightly flavoured with soy sauce and other strong tasting vegetables in it such as mushroom.

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