Friday, December 27, 2013

Godiva's addictive softserve

Godiva Chocolatier (Central)
After my last softserve I was craving for another one, however they stopped serving them a few weeks ago but they said they were going to serve it during the Christmas period.

Anyway I was back for the softserve.
Chocolate softserve:

It was creamy and the chocolate taste was strong but the temperature of the soft serve itself is not that cold, it won't give you a brain freeze.
The soft serve was just like a solid mass of smooth liquid icecream in a cone.
The surface of the soft serve was flawless and uniformly smooth.
Godiva Christmas Crystal tree:

To get this crystal, you have to spend around $4K on Godiva Chocolates.
But Thanks to siuyeahdragon a really famous blogger for doing a Christmas giveaway!! (「讓歡樂傳揚,送聖誕禮物給大家!」)
I didn't think I would get it, but I dropped in an email for a laugh and I really got it!!
Thank you so much Siuyeahdragon!! The crystal tree is really pretty, sparkling with studded red and green crystals.

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