Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dinner at The Boss

The Boss (Central)

Thanks to The Boss for inviting me to try their dishes.

When I recieved their invitation, it was before they were recommended on the Michelin list.

The location of this restaurant is extremely convenient and close to the MTR station on Queen's Road Central.

This restaurant is owned by a horse owner which is why they have pictures of horses on the walls.

It would be great if they had a mini media player showing silent videos of the horses in action.

Before I made an appointment, I analyzed their menu and it appears that they specialize in high end dishes such as Bird's nest, Abalone and Sea cucumber.

Each set meal has at least one of those items on the list.

Anyway we tried set meal A and changed two dishes to the noodles and lettuce:
Chilled shrimps in Shaoxing wine:

The shrimps were peeled which was convenient, and the wine was lovely and strong that the prawns had soaked the wine resulting in a nice alcoholic taste.
Boss Appetizers
Aubergines in sesame sauce, black fungas in vinegar, stir fried mushroom with truffle

The appetizers were really nice especially the black fungas in vinegar which had a tart taste with a gentle spicy kick.
The earthy mushrooms were further enhanced by the truffle dressing paired with sweet baby asparagus tips.
Braised bird’s nest & bamboo piths with superior soup

I loved this golden soup because it was crammed with lots of bamboo piths and birds nest.
Braised pomelo skin and black mushroom with shrimp roe

I have always liked braised pomelo skin which is mushy and complemented by the delicious Chinese gravy, on the side there was a piece of premium black mushroom (tin bak gu) which has a white scored top.
Sauteed prawns with salty egg yolk

The prawn was beautifully presented with cereal and a block of rice crispy cracker on the side.
The crispy salted egg yolk coating complented the springy prawn nicely.
Stir fried noodles with black truffle

This was delicious plain stir fried noodles with black truffle and beanshoots.
Each strand was uniformly coated and flavoured with black truffle.
Baked Chinese lettuce casserole (home made shrimp sauce, yellow bean sauce)

I loved the shrimp sauce's pungent smell and the lettuce was fully flavoured with shrimp sauce and yellow bean sauce.
The lettuce was cooked just right, not too crispy or too soft.
Sweet apple soup

The meal ended with delicious sweet apple soup that was not too sweet with lots of lovely soft diced pieces of apple in it and Chinese almonds.
The Boss is really nice and flexible and allows you to change dishes on the set menu subject to a price difference.
A nice place for quiet gatherings with attentative staff.

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