Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hearty and home style French food

Les Fils à Maman (Central)

I have always wanted to try this restaurant but didn't know where it was.

After dining at La Cantoche, I mysteriously stumbled there as if fate wanted me to try another French restaurant.

It is well hidden on Hollywood Road.

The style here is homely with lots of retro decor and rustic items.

This is their first branch in Hong Kong, with three restaurants in France and one in Belgium.

With so many branches, their food is reassuring.
The menu is a simplistic spiral bound booklet which reminded me of a maths notebook.

There is also a daily specials on the board.

After dining here, I have been back since and not been disappointed, here was the food on my first visit.

The bread was a bit hard and chewy and slightly different to the French baguettes you get in France.

Lovely mustard contained in a ceramic pot.
Beef bourguignon:

This beef was amazing, it was soft with a strong beef taste paired with lovely thinly sliced mushrooms with a earthy taste.
The gravy was rich with lots of wine in it, after I finished the beef, I put all the fries in the pot and the gravy and fries just went perfectly together.
Poisson du jour:

The fish was soft and tender drenched in the lovely buttery sauce which had a strong alcoholic taste.
The potatoes were really nice, they were firm without being too hard and they were really silky in the middle.

Although the prices are slightly pricier than La Cantoche, the food was really good.
The next French restaurant I am going to try will be Le Port Parfumé and there are some new ones on Staunton Road.

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