Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fresh sashimi at Okinawa Dining BRIDGES

Okinawa Dining BRIDGES (Causeway Bay)

Thanks to D for inviting me to try this restaurant with two great people.

OKB is located at The Cubus with spacious tables and chairs suitable for families and gatherings.

There is a sushi bar where diners can see the sushi chefs prepare the food.

Here was what we had:

From left to right was cucumber with miso, stewed whelk and sweet potato puree with prawn on top.
The appetizers were light to start off with.
Sashimi platter:

Next we had a huge sashimi platter with fresh sashimi.
My favourites were the sweet botan shrimps, tuna and salmon.
Stewed belly:

A nice slice of pork belly that was stewed just right with a soft texture and an even distribution of fat.

The soup was fruity because it had thin shreds of yuzu peel in it. A great soup to help digestion.
Wagyu beef:

The beef was set alight giving the beef an extra flare in taste.
It was really soft and tender with an even fat marbling complemented by the rich gravy.

The sushi was freshly prepared and tasted great with their freshly grated wasabi.

A nice bowl of warming al-dente udon with delicious braised pork.
Deep fried prawn heads:

The prawn heads were delicious, they were lovely and crispy and the matter in the head was tasty.
Fruit sashimi:

This consisted of apples and pineapple on a bed of crushed ice.
The apples were crispy and sweet.

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