Saturday, December 21, 2013

Strange SingMalay food

Noodle LAH! (Admiralty)

I only like this place because of the decor but the food was awful and I don't know why I bothered trying so many dishes.

The big mistake was not choosing the noodles cooked in their signature chili sauce but I tried some of that signature chili sauce from the jar and it was not nice.

Heres what I tried:
Three sours:

Tried this twice which was preserved plum, lemon juice and lime!
On the second time it is ACIDIC and not drinkable!
Noodles and clams in tomato sauce:

The tomato broth was fake and sweet.

The chicken had a horrible charred taste.
The bill:

On one visit, they said that if you order starters and mains, the drink is free, but they total the bill including that free drink with 10% on top and then they minus the drink, so you're actually paying a few dollars for the drink which is not free.
Stir fried rice rolls:

This was for afternoon tea and one of the better tasting items, but it was too oily and MEGA salty.

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