Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fine Chinese food at Hyatt's The Chinese Restaurant

It was my first time dining at Hyatt thanks to LT and Hyatt.

Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui is conveniently connected to the MTR and K11 mall so you don't have to get wet or get too hot from walking outside.

The tables at this restaurant are spacious and nicely spaced out with some nice compartment seating on the side too.

Here was what we had:
Chilled abalone

sweet and tender abalone.
Crispy salt and pepper tofu

The tofu was really addictive, the coating was crisp and light gently flavoured with spices while the inside was piping hot silky tofu.
Roast pork

When I picked them with chopsticks, I could already feel how soft they were and they were thickly cut slices too which were satisfying.
Each slice was soft, meaty and tender and they were gone in a flash!
Eggplant with soy glaze and garlic

The eggplants were light which was complemented nicely by the thick tasty sauce.
Traditional snake soup

I was so lucky to have snake soup here and the first bowl this year too!
It had so many goodies and the texture of the snake was similar to canned dace fish.
The thinly sliced ginger and orange peel made the soup livelier with some crunch.
I did not use the condiments because it tasted good already.
Clay pot lobster ginger vermicelli

This was really amazing because the lobster meat was springy and sweet. The meat came off the shell easily.
The glass vermicelli beneath was GOLDEN and clear, each strand was evenly flavoured too.
Stir fried diced Japanese saga beef with organic black garlic

I didn't realise this was the most expensive dish that night but the beef cubes were soft, sweet and tender complemented nicely by the fruity pieces of fermented black garlic.
Smoked chicken in jasmine tea leaves

Before I tried it, I could smell tones of Jasmine coming from the chicken. As I ate it there was a sweet jasmine taste as well as the chicken.
Simmered pea shoot superior broth

Pea shoots are always my favourite and here it was simmered in delicious Chinese ham soup which had a lovely salty flavour.
Fried white and red rice seafood with shredded dried scallop

I was quite full when I got to the rice, but each grain of rice was distinct and fully flavoured.
As well as top notch Chinese food, the desserts here also impressed me!

I am not a person for Chinese desserts so I don't normally see anything I want, but there were a few things I wanted to try here.

Chilled black sesame pudding

The sesame pudding was quite nice, firm and not too sweet.
Toffee strawberries

These were fresh strawberries coated in golden clear caramelized sugar just like toffee apples hence the name toffee strawberries.
I loved the juicy tart strawberries complemented by the crispy sweet toffee coating.
steamed hakka style dumplings

These dumplings were quite close to the authentic ones with a savoury taste to start off with and a slightly sweet filling.
sweet glutinous dumplings with sesame, peanut and coconut

I have only tried this recently at Gold Leaf dessert which was not bad.
The dumplings here taste better because it has a ginger taste and it was not as sweet as the ones at Gold Leaf!
Baked egg custard tarts glutinous dumpling
These looked like mini Chinese pineapple tarts because of the pastry surface.

Beneath that, there is a glutinous rice ball with liquid custard in it.

It was a lovely combination of sticky dumplings with hot gooey custard in the middle.

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