Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wagyu steaks and Iberian pork

Wagyu Door to Door (Western District)

Thanks to Wagyu Door to Door for inviting me to try their meats again.
It was held at ONE STOP and cooked by the chefs there.

Iberian pork:

I liked the way it was grilled giving a juicy but not tough texture.
Wagyu A4 grade sirloin (thick and thin steaks):

Tried both the thick and thin cuts.
I prefers the thin cut because it was easier to eat and it was softer.
The thick cut was juicier and more meaty with an even fat marbling.
All these steaks can be ordered online and delivered to your door.
They are neatly packaged in a box with the relevant items, the steak comes with oil blotting tissue and saffron pink salt.

For more info please see my previous review:

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