Friday, December 13, 2013

Rockin' views of Lion Rock and old kowloon

Lion Rock (Mong Kok)

I have previously been to La Scala which was years ago. Royal Plaza Hotel looks really different now.
Lion Rock is new and when I was invited, the name reminded me of Lion Rock Hill.
When I got there, I was greeted with a grand entrance with a beautiful view of the Lion Rock.

There are big glass panes with a clear view of Lion Rock and the surrounding areas such as Kowloon City, the tall building near Broadcast Drive.
I don't know why but when I sat there admiring the view, it made me think of old Kai Tak airport and Hong Kong in the 1960s shown on TV.

In the middle, it over looks a railway.
Perhaps my perception is weird, but I kept thinking that the tracks led to the past.
It seemed like a past life was connected to the Kowloon area or perhaps that weird "Below the Lion Rock" song has somehow brainwashed me to think that what I see in that area is old Hong Kong!!

Anyway, we tried two tea sets:
The Truffle high tea and the Christmas High tea.

Christmas High Tea:

-Mini turkey and bacon burger
-Black truffle puff pastry chipolata sausage roll
-Twins ham rolls with cranberry sauce
-Snow crab legs with fennel salad cup
-Mini smoked salmon Wellington with caviar
-Scallop and tomato shooter with champagne jelly
-Christmas fruit cake
-Pecan pie
-Christmas cookies
-Apricot and chestnut log cake
-Lemon tart
-Strawberry panna cotta

There was a nice assortment of sweet Christmas bites, my favourite was the pecan pie and Christmas fruitcake.

The crab legs were nicely done and easy to eat without needing to remove the shell.
The burgers were nice and juicy and the salmon wellington tasted like a delicious salmon puff.

The Christmas log cake was really nice, it was light mousse with layers of apricot and chestnut mousse that was not too sweet.
For the savoury items, the sausage rolls with caviar were as nice as the sausage rolls in the UK and the scallop shooters were great because the tomato salsa beneath it was spicy and tangy.
Truffle afternoon:

-Black Truffle Chocolate Cake
-Black Truffle Crème Brulee
-Rainbow Cake
-Hazelnut Mille-Feuille
-Strawberry Tart
-White Chocolate
-Cheese Cake
-Coconut Mango Mousse Cake
-Blueberry Financiers
-Raisin Scone
-Smoked Salmon with Black Truffle and Sour Cream on Wheat Bread
-Egg Salad and Black Truffle on Toast
-Lobster and Mango with Black Truffle Sandwiches
-Mini Wagyu Beef Burger with Black Truffle
-Deep Fried Vegetables and Black Truffle Spring Roll Black
-Truffle Braised Escargot Tart

The black truffle chocolate cake was really interesting, strong dark chocolate mousse infused with black truffle and the blueberry financiers were amazing because there were so many blueberries in it.

I loved the creme brulee because it was silky and smooth, and there was my favourite clotted cream to go with the scones.

The savoury platter was great especially the salmon sandwich because it was salmon wrapped outside the bread and not presented like the usual sandwich.
The escargot tarts were good too.

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