Saturday, December 14, 2013

Maxim's Cacao Barry cake

Maxim's Cake Shop (Chai Wan)

Thanks to Maxim's PR agency for this cake.

The cake is called Cacao Barry which is made with Cacao Barry chocolate.

Cacao Barry is a brand of chocolate founded by Charles Barry in France in 1842.

Cacao Barry:

It was a Bailey's chocolate mousse cake.
Inside the cake there is a layer of Bailey's mousse, white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse and a crispy chocolate base.
The outside of the cake is covered in dark chocolate sauce.

Although the cake looks quite small, you could actually get 14 decent sized slices from it.

The taste of the chocolate was really strong but slightly too sweet, it tasted like coffee even though there was no coffee in it.
The cake stayed in shape when it was sliced unlike some other cakes that collapse when you slice them.

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