Thursday, December 26, 2013

Steamed buns bursting with filling!

Sun Hing Restaurant (Western District)
Only got the steamed buns because they were famous.

I have attempted to get them quite a few times before but they were sold out!
Anyway, I was lucky they were not sold out at 3:24 pm that day.

I am not really a fan of local dim sums in Hong Kong because they don't taste as good as the ones in UK or you need to go to really pricey places for good quality dim sum.

There were lots of round tables were strangers share tables with each other.

On the menu there were two interesting items:
This is not a spring roll and the deep fried crispy milk.

I decided not to dine there because tea is compulsory and you get charged for that.

When I opened the box, the steamed buns were a bit tacky, the buns were not pure white with yellow splodges on it and the piece of paper at the bottom looked like it was steamed in a dirty pan with a greasy surface.

It was really difficult eating it because the filling just dripped everywhere.

As for the taste I was not wowed by it however it was good that it was not too sweet.
The filling had pieces of salted hard yolk in it.
If you want to challenge yourself eating this bun without making a mess, this is definitely recommended!

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