Monday, December 23, 2013

A law abiding creaminal that does offend

Creaminal Treats (Central)

The name CREAMINAL was really interesting so I just had to check it out.

It is located on Aberdeen Road where Bologne used to be and right next to Levain.

At first I thought it was solely a cake shop.
Upon entering, I realized you can have the cakes there and they sell drinks too.

The theme of the shop is really good, it reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and they have used the criminal theme applied to cakes which is why they are called CREAMINAL.

On the walls, there are really nice illustrations of criminals merged into cupcakes.

It would be good if all their cakes were named to match each criminal illustration on the wall because I couldn't find the one for S'more and Banoffee.

So far there are eight official characters with illustrations:

1)Ms. White, a vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting
2)Dr. Black kills who dissects with a scalpel.
A chocolate cupcake with choc ganache frosting
3)Mr. RV, a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting
4)Ms. Karma, a caramel cupcake with whipped cream!
5)The Associate, a mocha cupcake with whipped cream frosting
6)The Italian, a tiramisu cupcake with cream cheese frosting
7)The Monster a Cookie & Cream cupcake
8)Ms. Pink, a strawberry with whipped cream cupcake

At the back, there is board with height markings where you can take mug shots which is cute.

The toilets each have a female and male criminal picture too.

There was a good American cake selection.

I was having trouble deciding between the S'mores (marshmallow) and the The Pink (Strawberry and cream).
In the end I got The Pink because I have tried S'mores at KISSES and The Pink was fresh strawberries and not artificial strawberry flavouring.


I only had a cake because I just had a heavy lunch.
The Pink is basically vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberries, frosted with whipped cream.
Tried some of the cream on it's own first and it was sweet.

Inside the cupcake, there was some fresh strawberries as stated but not that much but enough to give the cake an overall strawberry flavour.
The cake was delicious with the whipped cream because it was just like having a Victoria sponge and strawberries and cream at the same time.
The sweetness of the cake was not too sweet which was perfect.

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