Monday, December 09, 2013

Have a pink Hello Kitty Christmas

Maxim's Cake Shop (Wan Chai)

Thanks to Maxim’s and their marketing group for this lovely Hello Kitty Christmas tree cake.

Who said Christmas trees couldn’t be pink!

As well as the Hello Kitty Christmas tree, they have also launched a Cacao berry cake which I shall post later when I get it.

The Hello Kitty Christmas tree cake comes boxed in a Hello Kitty cake box.

The cake comes with candy stars and white chocolate Hello Kitty pieces to decorate the cake.

After sprinkling the stars and decorating it with the white chocolate pieces, the cake was ready to eat!
(Yes I know I did not put the green thing directly on the top of the cake.)

Basically the cake is a strawberry mousse cake with sponge and strawberry in the middle.

The cake was light and delicious.
There was real grounded strawberries in the mousse with soft cake in the middle layered with real strawberries at the base.

I liked this mousse cake because there was more proportion of mousse than cake.

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