Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Back for more British goodies at Vanilla

Vanilla (Mid-Levels)

The black forest cake I had last time was amazing so went back for more.
This time I had a savoury tart too and I still have to come back for pies and quiches.

Black forest cake:

On my last review, I forgot to show how many whole cherries it had in the middle, so this visit, I have taken the top part of the cake off.
As you can see, there are nine plump cherries in the middle and one on the top, so thats 10.

In between the cherries, there was gorgeous whipped cream.
As well as that the chocolate shavings on top were amazing because they were NANO thin and melts in your mouth. They were as soft as snowflakes.
The cake as a whole was delicious, the chocolate sponge was light and the cream was deliciously fresh whipped cream guaranteed with a juicy cherry in each bite because there were so many cherries in this cake!
Feta and tomato tart:

I was hoping the tart to taste like a quiche but it did not.

Anyway, it was a thin tart base filled with peas, feta and tomato.
The tomato and feta paired nicely and I wish there was more Feta because it tasted lovely.

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