Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crackling fish skin crackers

Chip In Fish & Chips (Sai Kung)

After dining at the new Kebab place nearby, my stomach was burning because the food was too spicy.
As I walked past, I saw the new green tea latte so got that as a soother.

Green tea latte:

It was nice and cold on a cold day, definitely nice and soothing for my stomach.
The taste was milky with a hint of green tea grassiness and bitterness without being too sweet.
Spicy Fish crackers:
Thanks to Vicki for giving me these fish crackers (fried fish skin).

As you can see they use fresh fish hence there is fish skin!!
I liked the way, they made that a snack!

The fish skins were addictive and crispy with a nice spicy kick.
They tasted nice with vinegar and ketchup too!
I hope to see other flavours such as curry, lemon and black pepper, Chinese salt and pepper or chili and lime.

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