Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sichuan food on cloud 9

Thanks to Chuan Xi Restaurant for inviting me to try their wonderful food.

Before I went, they gave me a really good impression because they sent me their menu and it had English as well.
When I got there, they had an electronic menu which was even better because if it were not for those pictures I would not have ordered those items.

The two dishes that I ordered because of the pictures were the mushrooms and the dessert, so a picture means a thousand words.

The restaurant was quite cosy and I liked the clouds on the ceiling.

I was quite surprised that they served fresh seafood because there were tanks at the corner with live seafood, so when you order them, they get it from there.

Here was what I tried:
Chilled yam with blueberry:

A simple but delicious appetizer because they used fresh yam with blueberry jam.
The yam and the sweetness of the blueberry was cooling and soothing while the yam had a lovely crisp texture.
Marinated Numbing Mushroom:

I am so glad I saw the picture for this or I would have missed out on this great dish!
Thinly sliced mushrooms tossed in their secret numbing sauce with lots of finely chopped coriander stalks mixed into it.
A very innocent but flavourful dish.
[I would be very happy just eating this with plain rice if I was alone!]
Beef tripe with sichuan pepper sauce:

Compared to the other two appetizers this was slightly stronger, drenched in fragrant sichuan pepper sauce.
The beef tripe was meaty but soft, a great appetizer to go with beer.
Spinach and cuttlefish soup:

The soup was an interesting combination of leafy spinach and cuttlefish, you could really taste the cuttlefish in this light clear soup.
Sauteed mutton and onion with cumin:

Thinly sliced tender mutton pieces cooked with lots of onion and cumin.
This was great with rice.
Le Shan Sweet Skin Duck:

The duck was a surprise, the skin was literally caramelized with syrup. The duck's skin surface just tasted like caramelized caramel with a hint of sichuan peppercorns.
A must try because I found it really unique.
Spicy Mantis Shrimp, Chengdu Style:

Lastly this dish is another must try! Huge mantis shrimps in a shallow pot with goodies such as sliced lotus roots, chili, leeks, Chinese celery and green peppercorns.
[The lotus roots taste good with rice]
I liked it the way it was cooked because the mantis shrimp was moist and extremely tender and springy.
The meat is protected by the shell so it won't be that spicy yet it still has flavour. For extra kick, dip the mantis meat in the sauce which gives it the spicy flavour in full force!
Crystal jelly in Strawberry sauce:

On the menu, it was supposed to be yuzu sauce but they sold out of yuzu sauce and replaced it with strawberry which was even better because I love strawberry!!
It was nice and soothing after some spicy food.
If I wasn't full I would have tried the Stir fried flat noodles with beef and cumin!!
A jazzed up version of the normal stir fried beef with flat noodles.

For vegetarians, you won't feel left out!!
You can order the items below with rice!
Marinated auberjines
Spicy cucumber
Chilled yam with blueberry
Spicy Vegetarian Pot
Marinated Numbing Mushroom
Crystal jelly in Strawberry sauce

Can't wait to dine here again!!
Mantis shrimps are a must!

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