Saturday, December 21, 2013

A different flame is burning

Flame (Wan Chai)
Previously this restaurant used to do roast chicken but then they closed for a while and now they serve pies instead of roast chicken.

The restaurant has now been converted into a small pub.

Here is the new menu and it's nice to see that they still have piri piri chicken burger on the menu.

I ordered two pies which were not available so I had to choose from the list she showed me, so in the end I had chicken and mushroom and the beef curry pie.
Chicken and mushroom:

Evidently this pie was made in Hong Kong because it had the Asian shitaake mushroom.
The taste was ok but nothing spectacular because it was piping hot outside and slightly cold in the middle.
Beef curry pie:

It was crammed with lots of minced beef but again it was cold in the middle despite the hot steam coming off it.
The beef was a bit too gamey for my liking.

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