Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tea time everyday at Shortbread Teas

Shortbread Teas (Central)

Ever since my first visit, the cakes and teas are addictive that I need a weekly dose of it!~
Once I have satisfied my craving for the week, I end up craving for something else the next week.

There are so many different teas that are really nice.

My favourites are:
Breakfast tea
Duchess Grey
Christmas pudding
Highland toffee

The highland toffee has a lovely sweet smell. When milk and sugar are added, it is just like drinking silky toffee milk tea which goes well with almost anything.
Then there is the Christmas pudding tea which is also sweet with a lovely cherry scent that goes well with cakes.

Cherry and almond scone:

This was a weekend special so I had to have it, the scones were crumbly and delicious, perfect with cream and jam.
I loved the pieces of cherry and almond in it which made it extra special.
Apple and cinammon:

This was another weekend special which I could not miss, it was a delicious scone with moist pieces of apple in it with a light dusting of cinammon on top.
Bacon sarnie:

A simple but addictive sarnie made even more addictive with the HP sauce on the table.
I loved the smell and the saltiness of the bacon that was not too salty.
Mega ciabatta:

This ciabatta was divine! Probably a man's portion but as I have a appetite, it was just right for me. My breakfast favourites in a bun.
I loved the scrambled egg because a fried egg would be messy to eat and it was light and fluffy, probably the best scrambled egg I have had in my life.
The combination of the three just went perfectly well together because the bacon and black pudding contributed to the saltiness and the scrambled egg was just satisfying.
You can get other combinations such as double sausage, double bacon or whatever you fancy, but black pudding and scrambled egg are my favourite!
It costs around $80 with a pot of tea!
Highland toffee tea:

A lovely tea, but it's hard to say it is my favourite because at different times I crave for one of the particular teas above!
You can never get bored or run out of choices for tea or the cups because there are so many different cups as well as the colourful teapots.
This particular cup above is by Real old willow A8025.


These marshmallows are made by Shortbread Teas so they are really soft and meringue like.
It was fun putting them in hot chocolate because they literally dissolve dispersing into a foamy white cap.
They taste delicious on their own too.
Christmas bundt cake:

This cake was addictive too because the chocolate taste was really strong with a slight coffee aftertaste and the icing and nuts on top were decorative and delicious especially the pistachio nuts and dried cranberry pieces.
There is a membership scheme which is tempting for regulars like me because you get a all year round 10% discount card, a colourful tea pot of your choice, two tea samples and a sand timer.

The new menu is really good for menu dyslexics like me because it is clear and concise.

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