Friday, December 20, 2013

Soba and Chinese rural pancake

Daily Fresh Soybean Milk (Central)

This was on my eat list ages ago before I forgot about it.

I discovered it again when I was writing a review for their other branch in Sheung Wan and discovered that this place had the rural pancakes.

This place is bigger than the Sheung Wan branch and offers slightly more variety such as curries and sobas but unfortunately does not serve the pumpkin rice like they do in Sheung Wan.

Again the prices are reasonable and the people there are quite flexible, they let me just order plain soba noodles and curry sauce because I did not feel like eating meat that day.
Soba with Japanese curry sauce:

The plain soba was only $20 and the sauce was $5 which was really cheap and it had potatoes and carrots in it too.
The soba and curry sauce went nicely together but the curry sauce was a bit starchy because some of the potatoes have disintegrated in the curry.
Rural pancake:

The pancake was quite nice, loaded with spring onions and carrots.
It tastes similar to the European pancakes but it was savoury with delicious carrots, and spring onions in every bite.

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