Friday, December 06, 2013

Third branch of Maison Eric Kayser on Caine Road

Maison Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger Café (Mid-Levels)

Went to the opening party briefly because I had a tasting afterwards.

It was really nice to meet Eric Kayser.

There were so many items rolled out for guests to try throughout the party, starting from savoury bites to sweet items nearer the end.

There was a new chicken sandwich called Le Poulet which has a green chicken filling because of the pesto sauce.
I tried the mini version which was quite nice but the bread was chewy and tough.

My favourite were the eclairs especially the pistachio one because it had a lovely nutty filling in the middle with lovely icing on top.

When we left, we were given some mini financiers, madeleines and macarons.

The Madeleines were sweet, moist and buttery.

I loved the mini financiers because they had a strong almond taste.
They reminded me of Coconut macaroons but with a strong almond taste.

Dining Offers: Tasting Event

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