Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Christmas 2013 at The Canny Man

The Canny Man (Wan Chai)

I love Christmas and this year so many places are doing Roast Turkey so I intend to try every restaurant that does it whether I pay for it myself or I am invited to tasting.

The Canny Man which is a Scottish bar has Roast Turkey every year and this year is my fourth year of it.
I liked it so much that I chose this place for my food interview with the Hong Kong Economic Times Newspaper earlier this year.

I only wrote about the Canny Man Christmas lunch in 2010 because 2011 and 2012 were pretty much the same.

The menu for this year was slightly different and they have a vegetarian option too.

Here was what I had:
Salad with feta cheese:

A lovely healthy salad with just the right dressing and scrumptious cubes of cheese!
pumpkin soup:

A light soup to start you appetite going.
Roast Turkey with Yuletide stuffing:

I loved the generous slice of Stuffing which is my favourite item and the stuffing here contains lots of oatmeal because it is Scottish!
The turkey was juicy and tender paired with appetizing cranberry sauce which had whole pieces of cranberries.

Christmas vegetable terrine:

I was glad they had a vegetarian option, it was jellied grilled vegetables in a terrine form complemented by deliciously sweet pomodoro sauce.

Yorkshire pudding with blueberries and custard:

I thought I was seeing things when I saw Yorkshire pudding for dessert but it really was Yorkshire pudding filled with fresh blueberries and custard.
It was actually quite nice because it went well with the tart blueberries and sweet custard.
Millionaire's shortbread:

This was the best dessert and tastes the same as the ones at infant school.
You can see the clear layers of shortbread, caramel, and chocolate on top. It tasted similar to TWIX but a thousand times better because the shortbread was really buttery and the caramel was lovely and chewy.
Minced pie:

The minced pie was different to the ones a few years ago.
This one was HUGE and tasted better because the pastry was freshly made.
Each person who has the Christmas lunch will have this MEGA mince pie so prepare yourself for it!!!
Looking forward to it next year again!

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