Monday, December 23, 2013

Out of this world restaurant

Salon Number 10 (Central)

I have always been curious about this place and never knew it was a restaurant because I've always thought it was a funky residential house.

From the outside, it looks like an old retro TV.
Inside, you could imagine you were in a yellow submarine!

Found out about this place after I read some tasting reviews and decided I had to check it out for the food and the environment.

On openrice, it was listed as Chez moi before Salon 10 tookover and the food and decor seemed a waste.

The new style really suits its original design and the front of the restaurant with a bookshelf, stuffed peacock and other antique items.

When I found out that you could eat here, I decided to dine here and the food was not the ordinary two course, three course menu.
I found it interesting because there were some Southern American items which I have not tried before.

Here was what I tried:
Fried green tomatoes:
colossal lump crab, spicy greens, green goddess dressing

I had to try this because I don't know any other restaurants that serve it.
In the UK we don't have this dish and I recently found out reading some American news that an inmate on deathrow requested this for his last meal.
{On the topic of deathrow, see the toilet below!}
I loved the crunchy light cornmeal coating and the green tomato was juicy.
The salad that came with it was delicious paired with the green goddess dressing.
It was nice that it came with crabmeat which was fresh and there was quite a lot of it.
Salt market fish peppers:
piquillo peppers, brandada, Italian salsa verde

It was amazing how these piquillo peppers were peeled skinless and still plump with a smooth surface.

There was generous herbs dressing drizzled on top.

Inside this juicy pepper was the silkiest grounded fish you could ever taste which complemented each other so nicely enhanced by the dressing.
Too rich rum chocolate pudding:

This was chocolate pudding topped with Citrus cream.

The chocolate pudding was dreamily delicious but the orange cream ruined it for me because it tasted artificial and tasted like orange aromatherapy oil mixed with cream.
Now that I have talked about the food, I can safely move on to the toilet!
A really nice toilet you must check out!

The toilet looks a bit like a gothic church deathrow electric chair.

Anyway, I hope to see more items on the menu.
There were two dishes I really wanted to try from on Foodcraver tasting event: fish with parpadelle and the fried chicken but they were not available that day.

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