Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lovely French food

La Cantoche (Sheung Wan)

I dined here ages ago but since there were lots of tasting reviews earlier on this restaurant, I decided to write it up later.
Before dining at this place, most of the French food I had in Hong Kong were from La Creperie and La Rotisserie.

After dining here, I was craving more for French food because at this restaurant they do lots of different dishes for lunch.

For dinner, they have lots of other dishes with a Vietnamese twist to it.

Inside the restaurant, it is fun and youthful with a white brick walls and colourful grafitti.

Came here for lunch and dinner so some of the dishes are from lunch and some are a la carte dishes that I had in the evening.
The lunch deal is quite good and less than $100 for a two course.
Duck shepherds pie:

This was a hearty dish of duck confit with mashed velvety potatoes on top.

I really liked this dish because the duck was so much nicer than the usual minced beef.
I was surprised the French have shepherds pie as well but at this other French restaurant I dined at, they also had it too.
The duck was slightly too salty but otherwise the dish was amazing, piping hot Shepherds pie complemented with cooling mesclan leaves.
Pork chop with rice:

This dish was a little on the Asian side because of the rice but not bad and the pork was a little bit tough.
Again at this other French restaurant, they also served rice.
Lemon tart:

The lemon tart was amazing because the lemon curd was really refreshing.
Brandy bread pudding:

Again I was surprised with Bread pudding because it was quite British but the taste was slightly different from the usual bread puddings because it had dessicated coconut and almond on top with delicious pieces of young coconut in it too giving it a lovely chewy texture and a nutty taste contrasted by the Brandy.
Rice Krispies:

This was from the A la Carte menu and I ordered it because the Rice Krispies reminded me of the cereal and I was curious if they were the same.
It was grounded pork with coconut, crispy pieces but the rice krispy pieces were not as crispy as I hoped and there was too much lemongrass in it.
Nougat glace:

A colourful icecream mixed with grounded M&Ms which tasted a bit like frozen heavy whipped sweet cream with pieces of chocolate in it.
The plate was colourfully decorated with red and yellow syrup which matched their grafitti design.
Cordon blue with potato balls:

The cordon bleu was really crispy on the outside and the chicken was tender.
The star of the dish was actually the potato balls because they are fluffy inside with a delicious crispy potatoey crust.

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