Friday, December 27, 2013


La Grande Bouffe (Central)
At first I was meant to go to this snotty place for a quick lunch which is a Chinese restaurant pretending to be French, but luckily they closed earlier than their normal hours so I was so FORTUNATE not to eat that crap and stumbled on this amazing place!!!!!

There has been a recent surge of French restaurants opening in Central such as La Vache, La Port Parfume and more.

Located near the cane juice store is this really nice French bar/restaurant called La Grande Bouffe.
If you google this name, you will find a French/Italian film with the same name which is about scatological humour and comic depictions of sex and over-eating.

The decor of the restaurant is really nice.

The French decor is interestingly contrasted by the Chinese old green tiles.

For lunch, you can choose a two course or three course meal for ($98 and $108 respectively).

Here was what I had:

The baguette was really nice, crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside.
It tasted nice with the salads and the main dishes and the guy was really nice and gave me an extra basket which most restaurants do not normally do.
Beef Stroganoff:

Tried the rice on its own and it was so delicious, it was fully flavoured with vegetables and herbs and each grain of rice was plump and long.
I loved the chunky vegetable pieces in it.

The beef stroganoff was rich crammed with loads of beef, the sauce was really good for dipping the baguette and after I had some of the beef, I put the rice in the bowl of beef and the taste was so good, it was so satisfying, but if there was more rice, I would be more satisfied because I was still very hungry!!!.
Pork loin with French wine sauce:

The pork was a little tough, but I can't complain because the pork chop I had at La Cantoche was also tough.
Again it was on a bed of delicious pan fried rice with vegetables and the sauce on top was tangy with pureed tomatoes and herbs.
Apple tart A la normande:
Lastly for desserts, there is a choice of lemon tart, apple tart and chocolate cake.
As I have tried the lemon tart and chocolate cake at French most places, I opted for the apple tart which was a great tart to finish off with.

The apple tart was served with some "English cream" according to the waiter!
Anyway, the apple tart was divine, it had slices of apple embedded in rich custard filling and you could see there were zillions of vanilla seeds in it giving it a delicious vanilla custard touch.
As well as the tart, the cream also had lots of vanilla seeds in it and it complemented the tart so well because it balanced the sweetness of the tart.
The tart crust which is usually tasteless was good too.

I would love to dine here again because it includes dessert and the price is really affordable!

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