Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wonderful and luxurious vegetarian banquet

Seventh Son Restaurant (Wan Chai)

Although I have lots of tastings, I do not have many vegetarian ones.
This is probably my forth and the best because it was filling, HEALTHY and natrual!
What I mean by natural is that it is vegetables in its natrual form, you can see what it is and they are digestable.

Some Chinese vegetarian ingredients are made with Konjac which is a bit like plastic/rubber and some of the Vegetarian ingredients I have had before come out the same way as I consumed it (ie not digested).
Then there are some dough items which have too much flavouring to give it some flavour.

The vegetarian dishes at Seven Son are made luxurious with the addition of Bird's nest.
Seventh Son Restaurant is not a vegetarian restaurant but it is really good that they can cater for vegetarians too.

All the dishes here were full of flavour and I did not need to use the dish of soy sauce on the table. The soy sauce seemed like a really good one because I could smell it when they poured it out.

Anyway, here was what I tried:
Chilled cucumbers with garlic

A simple delicious appetizer with nutritious peanuts which you would get in normal meals so this dish is going to be liked by everyone.
I loved the crisp juicy cucumbers in the garlicky sauce.
Black fungas in vinegar

Nice springy black fungas in vinegar, but I would have preferred a more acidic vinegar because the vinegar was a bit sweet just like balsalmic vinegar.
Fried tofu with salt and pepper

Lovely silky piping hot tofu in light crisp coating.
Panfried egg white and bird’s nest patty

I loved this patty, it was made with egg white with lots of bird's nest intertwined in it.
The texture was soft and supple complemented nicely with the light gravy.
Pumpkin soup with bird’s nest

A protein rich soup because the pumpkin soup was loaded with birds nest.
The soup tasted natrual and light.
Scrambled milk with pine nuts and crispy vermicelli

The texture of this was lovely, it was just like scrambled meringue with crispy bits of fried vermicelli.
Tofu parcels filled with diced wild mushrooms

The parcels were neatly wrapped in beancurd skin and contained lots of diced mushrooms.
The clear gravy that it was in tasted just like chicken gravy because they used some meaty mushrooms to bring out that taste.
Bamboo pith stuffed with bird’s nest paired with pigeon egg and broccoli

It was surprising to see a pigeon's egg because not many places serve them.
The last time I had a pigeon's egg was at this dumpling place at Homantin.
The pigeon's egg is jelly like and the bamboo pith was crisp and viscous stuffed with so much bird's nest to make you guilty!
Japanese tofu with bamboo shoots and pea sprouts

The Japanese tofu had a strong soy bean taste paired with the tender sweet crunchy pea sprouts.
Stir fried glutinous rice

The stir fried glutinous rice was surprisingly light and filling.
Every grain of glutinous rice was distinct and tasty.
Dessert: Birds nest with almond milk or coconut milk

I loved the way the almond milk and coconut milk was served on the side so you could put the amount that you like or have it on its own.
For me I chose to have it on its own because it was slightly sweetened and the dessert was so satisfying.
Walnut sachimas
The sachimas were crispy and chewy topped with walnuts on top.
It was good that the sweetness was just right.
Cordeceps tea:

These cordeceps were hand picked from Bhutan.
They had a lovely meaty taste with a slight bitterness which I shall remember because this is how they are meant to taste.
Thanks to the cordeceps ambassador for bringing it along for us to try.

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