Monday, December 02, 2013

Rooftop market at The Pawn

Thanks to NK and Catch On for inviting me to this rooftop market to try a galore of wonderful food.
The event was a success and I hope they will do it again because there were so many expats there and it gave me an opportunity to try the restaurants in that group which were: The Pawn, The Principal, The News Room, SML and Classified.

All food and beverage was paid for using tokens which were available for purchase at the reception.
As a summary, the fish and chips were the best and it was a bargain for $50 with two huge succulent chunks of fish.

The weather was a bit too hot and sunny that day but once I started eating the food it was so delicious that the hot weather did not bother me.

Here was what we tried:
The Pawn:
Fish and Chips $50
Two generous pieces of fish, which were succulent and tender.
Montgomery panini (toastie) $40
The toast was simply melted cheese in the middle which was delicious and the toast was crispy and soft on the inside.
As it was hot that day, we had numerous drinks to hydrate ourselves: Sparkling water, Mulled wine (served warm), and Cranberry juice.
Cauliflower with Raclette cheese:
The raclette cheese was lovely and gooey, great with cauliflower.
Their jams looked good, so bought the Strawberry and champagne jam and the Chunky orange marmalade.

News Room:
Popcorn chicken
You could smell the lovely cajun and spices, but the texture of the chicken was a little dry.
Rice Pudding Espuma x 2
This was gorgeous so I had two!!
It was deliciously cool foamy rice pudding with fresh orange bits and crunchy caramelized pistachios on top.

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