Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Misleading menu: TASTE CAFE

I wasn't convinced in trying this place because over half all reviews on openrice have been written by new users that have specifically just written a review at Taste Cafe and since stopped writing (excluding Winnie and Karenng)!
Hmmm, those users must be hardcore fans!

Anyway, at the front of the place they had ALL DAY BREAKFAST, that's what it says in English.
"WELLCOME (spelt like the supermarket Wellcome) EVERYDAY" says the menu

Was given a menu.

It appears that they don't serve all day breakfast so I wonder if they put it there to lure people in because of the lack of eateries around there, but then you can just get the minibus to the city or Sai Kung and there are plenty of eateries waiting for you.

For food comments: please see comments by previous openricers, I can't be bothered to review the food.

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