Sunday, December 15, 2013

My first Chicken hot pot

Supreme Restaurants (Mong Kok)

There has a been a recent craze for spicy Chicken hot pots but it sounds really spicy which is why I have not tried it yet.

Thanks to Martin and Supreme hotpots for inviting me to this tasting or I would not have experienced how delicious a Chicken hotpots is.

It is located in Mong Kok, a place that I rarely dine because there are always long queues however at this restaurant they have a nice spacious waiting lounge with sofa seats.

The restaurant was big, with lots of long tables in the middle suitable for large groups which is a must in the MK area.

There is a wide drinks selection including beer, Chinese herbal drinks but it would be great if there was hot and cold water too.

They have freshly made dumplings which were delicious.

We had the deluxe chicken pot, which had seafood in it.

For people who have not tried chicken pot before they have clear instructions on how to eat it.
Basically you eat the chicken from the pot, then when it is nearly empty, you add items such as cows stomach, fish maw and squid in the pot.
After that you add broth and start eating it like a normal hot pot.

I was hooked immediately when I started the chicken, it was so tasty with lots of spices and sichuan peppercorn.
As well as the chicken, their freshly made dumplings were divine especially the watercress because there was lots of crunchy watercress stalks in it.

They have Korean instant noodles for the hotpot which is better than the usual ones because they do not clump together and the texture is nice and springy.

We also tried the chicken in wine which contained four different Chinese wines.
I tried the broth as well and it was strong and fragrant.

Supplementary Information:After this tasting, I went as a paid anonymous customer to another branch of Supreme restaurant and that branch had a bigger cooked food selection to eat but the customer service when I rang to book was a bit snappy that I contemplated whether to dine at that branch or book through the director at the MK branch.
Anyway I decided to dine there and the manager at that branch was really nice and helpful even though he did not know who I was but I wish some of the other staff were as patient as him.

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