Sunday, December 01, 2013

Fish and Meat opening party

Thanks to HKE for inviting me to this event!
I was looking forward to it but HKE did not turn up !
Anyway I had a GREAT time there.

When I arrived I could already see the party and people mingling on the balcony.
There were so many celebrities there that night including Carl NG!

There were many welcoming flower baskets and a huge celebration signature board.

Inside, there were so many guests and lots of gourmet snacks.
It was hard to take pictures because it was crowded so I only managed to photograph the octopus which tasted delicious.
It was grilled to perfection and it was slightly crispy.

Each female guest was given a pretty flower crown to wear which you can see on the next picture and the goodies given to guests when they left!!

There was also a jar of herbs too which smelt gorgeous!!

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