Friday, December 27, 2013

Healthy ramen for everyone

Kenko Syokuhin Ramen (Central)

Ever since I saw the green broth, I had to try it.

This ramen joint is located on the corner of Wellington Street where all the outside food stalls are.

On the first visit, I tried the Beauty Set which was the green broth, then I tried the tomato broth on the second visit.

I am not sure how their Ramens are healthy but for the sets I tried, it came with cabbage salad and Yakult.
The salad was reasonably healthy but I always believe that there is too much sugar in a bottle of Yakalt otherwise they wouldn't come up with a low sugar version.


The ramen was really nice and the broth was as nice as Butao's pesto broth but the broth here was made with basil.

It was really good with the rocket leaves because it gave it some extra grassy bitter taste which gave it a nice refreshing tone.
I felt that the bacon and cheese could have been left out because I did not like the smoky taste and the cheese was a sticky mass at the bottom of the bowl.

This was similar to the ramen above but in tomato broth, it also had rocket lettuce, bacon and some basil oil drizzled on top.
I did not like it as much as Beauty because I found the soup quite sweet and there was a splodge of melted cheese at the bottom.
I think there would be less calories in this ramen without the tasteless cheese.

The noodles have pieces of wheat in it.

A lovely crunchy salad of julienne cabbage paired nicely with the tangy vinaigrette dressing.

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