Tuesday, December 24, 2013

You can now get kebabs in Sai Kung!!


Previously this shop used to be Juicy J's!!

I was surprised to see it go, but now it has been replaced by a familiar looking VILLAGE KEBAB!

The logo and colour looks familiar and it turns out that it is opened by Village Malaysian and Indian Restaurant.

The interior was not as bright as before and it was a simple place for food.

The menu was quite extensive, serving fish and chips and roast chicken as well.

I decided to try the kebabs and the falafel with salad.
The kebab has a choice of three sauces: garlic, tomato, and super spicy sauce.
Lamb kebab with super spicy sauce:

I should have trusted the guy because when an Indian says it hot, it must be hot!!
The kebab was nice but too hot for my tastebuds to handle!
Falafel balls with salad:

The falafel balls were small but delicious and the sauce drizzled on it was delicious hummus sauce.
It was similar to the sauce at Pizza Max and it turns out that they know the guys that opened that place in Jordan because he used to work at Jaspas!
Hummus sauce and garlic:

Both were delicious and creamy.

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