Monday, December 09, 2013

Confusing ordering system at Urban bakery works

Previously came here for the icecream but the croissant was sold out.

Came here again for the croissant and luckily all of the flavours were available.

Went to the counter to order and was told that you have to go to the croissant section to get the croissant then you have to bring it back to the counter and pay.
Ok did that, and decided to order a drink too.
They were kind enough to let me order the drink there but I didn't realise you had to collect it at the drinks counter.

Anyway, apart from me, there were other confused customers who were referred to the other counters!~~

With the usual Cafeteria setups, patrons will take a tray and push it along a track to the counter where they pay for it.
But here there was no track so it was not immediately obvious and looked like you ordered from the counter because everyone was queueing there.

Anyway, the croissants were ok luckily, but a little too hard and flakey.
The earl grey tea was how it should be.

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