Sunday, December 29, 2013

Piping hot food

Homemade Dim-sum (Prince Edward)
Luckily I did not dine here during the summer because their food and drinks are piping hot and does not really cool down.
I tried it on a nice cool day but the food remained so hot that I had to wait ages before they cooled down.
As for the tea, it was still amazingly hot at the end of the meal.
Fish air gas bladder and sweetcorn congee:

An average normal tasting congee with finely chopped pieces of fish air gas bladder.
Steamed Cow's stomach in black pepper:

Beneath it were lots of Chinese white cabbage!

The taste was so sweet, it was the typical Chinese dim sum because they like to make all savoury dishes tasting sweet.

If you have tried the dim sums in the UK, they taste normal because savoury dishes are savoury and sweet ones are sweet!
The sauce did not even taste of black pepper even though it was called black pepper cow's stomach.
Cow's stomach mixed in the congee:

After putting the cow's stomach in the congee, you can see how much orange colouring they put in the dish!
The congee was tastier and the cow's stomach was not so sweet after washing it in the congee, and the irritating chinese cabbage that was used to make it look like there was lots of cow's stomach in the dish made a nice crunch in the congee.
Drinking bleach:

When I took a sip of the tea in the black cup, I could taste bleach, so changed the cup and I could finally taste that it was pu erh tea!

It is reassuring their cups are well sterilized with bleach!!

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