Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Party with sushi platters

Take Out Sushi (Wan Chai)

I never knew that you could get sushi party platters but since I found out, it is going to be a better option than the Chinese platters.

For gatherings people usually order fried snack platters and salads that are way too sweet and oily, but sushi platters seem much healthier, its just Japanese rice, fish, soy sauce and wasabi.

At Take Out Sushi, they are doing sushi party platters (with 49 sushis) good enough for about 4-5 people at $338 or $298.
The KAGURA $338 has:

Salmon, tuna, sweet shrimp, grilled eel, scallop, surf clam, yellowtail, flying fish roe, salmon roll.
The HOURAI $228 has:
salmon, boiled shrimp, scallop, surf clam, grilled eel, sweet beancurd, flying fish roe, jumbo shrimp roll.
For sashimi lovers, they have sashimi platters for $198 with an option for plain salmon (BOTAN) or the assorted (TSUBAKI) which has: salmon, sweet shrimp, scallop, tuna and yellowtail.
All platters come with sufficient wasabi and soy sauce.

If thats not enough, they have appetizers for $328 (fried stuff).
Here was our sushi and sashimi platter ;)

Overall everyone was impressed by the freshness of the sushi and we all had a good time.
Here was my plate:

I really enjoyed it because it was so much nicer than boring chicken wings, Chinese salads etc!

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