Monday, December 23, 2013

Singapore's Cedele now in Hong Kong

I discovered this by chance because I was early in the area for a tasting.

At first it looked like a modern cafe with salads and sandwiches at the entrance, and cakes on the other side of the cabinet.

As I had a tasting, I decided to go for something light so tried the cakes.

I was delighted to see lots of pandan flavoured cakes, which made me realize it was Singaporean.
A nice addition to the market because Toast box and BreadTalk are getting boring.

The dining area was quite nice.

The staff there were really nice and spoke American English and you would expect a truly Singaporean brand to speak fluent English or at least Singlish because this is their native language.
It surprises me that Singapore has better English speakers and Western brands than Hong Kong because Hong Kong is more internationally well known but lacks good fluent English speakers.
The GDP of Singapore is overtaking Hong Kong over these few years.

Back to the delicious cakes!!

I ordered the Pandan cake and the Pistachio and chocolate cake.
Pandan cake $40/slice:

Description from the label:
natural pandan sponge cake sandwiched between own made egg custard, pandan frosting finished with fragrant coconut shreds. Unrefined sugar and grapeseed oil used.

This was the first pandan cake I have tried, the ones I have tried before were the chiffon ones which were not as fancy as this.
The cake had a lovely strong taste and smell of pandan.
In the middle the kaya paste and the coconut shreds topping on top made it more coconutty.
Chocolate pistachio cake:

Description from the label:
Chocolate truffle layered with soft pandan cake, topped with pistachios.

This cake was too heavy for my liking because the chocolate truffle layers were strong and dense so it felt like eating a bar of dark chocolate.
Although it was too strong, it was nice that it was not too sweet.
After trying the cakes, I went back for the Christmas Pandan logcake and the cheese scallion scone to take away.
Christmas Pandan logcake:

Description from the label:
Soft and moist pandan logcake.

The box for the cake was really nice and sturdy.

Compared to the Pandan cake above, there was more proportion of pandan buttercream in the middle and less of the cake.
Overall, I felt that the pandan cake tasted better because it was more satisfying.
Cheese scallion scone:

Description from the label:
Savory scone filled with spring onions and cheddar cheese, recommended with soup.

Although I did not have it reheated, it tasted amazing.
It would have been divine if it had been warm because the abundance of spring onions in it made it moist and flavoursome and the cheddar cheese was lovely and cheesy.

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