Friday, October 10, 2014

Green tea risotto at La Cabane Wine Bistro

Walked past one day and the menu was really inviting so I dined there.

I ended up ordering two mains because the portions are small and I wanted to try them both.
The menu that day:

A la carte menu.

Sweet potato and vanilla soup:

The soup was interesting because it was sweet potato and vanilla!!
It sounded sweet like dessert but it tasted like a normal soup would taste and it was thick with a slight hint of ginger and sweet vanilla taste.
Buckwheat blinis with vegetable and "oeuf mollet":

It was challenging to eat this because the plate (rectangular slate) made it difficult especially with the egg and the egg yolk would go every where.
I did not eat the egg and saved it for the risotto below.
The blinis were quite salty and the sauce was rather creamy.
Green tea risotto with trout:


I had to try this because it was French but not French because of the green tea element.
The trout was similar to salmon with a delicate taste.



The edges of the snow peas were put in the risotto to give it a crunchy grassy sweet texture when you eat it with the risotto loaded with sweet bursting peas and the savoury green tea taste was surprisingly nice.
Green tea risotto with egg:


I mixed the egg from the blinis into the risotto and the mixture of egg yolk and green tea risotto was so rich and delicious.
Unfortunately the portion was really small and it was gone in a few spoonfuls.

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